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General Healthcare Insurance Information
The International Schools HealthCare Plans (ISP) offer direct access to quality healthcare for teachers and staff of international schools and Language Schools. The ISP provides exceptional value for money. We can establish an International Schools HealthCare Plan to cover your teachers and staff as well as their respective dependants. Whether you decide to cover them all, or only a group of individuals - the choice is yours. You can start with as few as 10 employee members (not counting any dependants that may be added).

Your International Schools HealthCare Plans offer the best in benefits and features.
• Preferential premium rates
• Plans can be transferred over from other insurers on a simple, uncomplicated basis
• No medical questionnaires to be completed
• Plans can be set up with or without a moratorium on pre-existing medical conditions (Groups Only)
• Choice of excess (deductible) levels
• Plans denominated in three currencies: GB pounds, US dollars and euros
• No medical claim forms to contend with if your teachers and staff require in-patient or daycare treatment. A phone call to the International Helpline takes care of everything
• In-patient and daycare treatment claims are pre-authorised and bills settled direct with hospitals and clinics
• Claims settlement in most currencies
• Emergency medical evacuation includes the costs of a dependant (or a close business colleague) to accompany the person being evacuated
• Outside of geographic area emergency medical treatment cover
• Valuable additional optional add-ons

Schedule of Benefits
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Optional Extras
You may wish to enhance your health care coverage with one or more of our valuable optional add-on benefits. The two optional add-on benefit plans can be taken out in addition to any of our International Schools HealthCare Plans:
• Personal Travel Plan
• Optional Personal Accident Plan
Premiums are payable annually, in advance. Click Here to learn More.

Region of Cover
Under the InterGlobal International Schools Plan premium rates are calculated based on your country of residence, where you work:
• Area 1 - Europe
• Area 2 - Worldwide, not including USA (for residents of Japan)
• Area 3 - Worldwide
• Area 4 - Australia & New Zealand

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The Gold plan offers full in-patient and outpatient cover, Compassionate home visits, US$1,875 of routine dental ($75), plus a very comprehensive range of other benefits (up to US$1.5 million per year) at extremely affordable rates. The International Schools policy with a travel extension automatically included for emergency care that allows for up to 90 days travel outside of your country of Japan.

Eligibility: The policy is available to persons of all nationalities as long as they qualify as an expatriate teacher, which is defined as a person who is living and/or working outside their home country. This includes teacher’s family members based on the expatriate nationality.

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