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Personal investing does not have to be complicated. Your Banner Japan advisor puts your needs first, taking the time to create a financial plan that considers your specific goals, your tolerance for risk and your dreams for your family’s future.

Banner Japan K.K. is an independent financial firm established in 1979 and based in Ebisu, Tokyo. We consult international investors on matters of personal financial planning.  Our principal role is to provide information on the opportunities available for building up and enhancing capital sums for future contingencies (for example, school fees, property purchases, or retirement) through a portfolio of properly planned and tax-efficient investments.  We advise on the selection of vehicles for capital appreciation appropriate to our clients’ circumstances and needs, and, once these vehicles have been selected, continue in an advisory role on market trends so that investment returns are maximized and risks minimized.

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Banner Japan K.K.

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Tokyo 150-0022

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General Information: info@bannerjapan.com

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Japanese Website: www.bannerjapan.co.jp


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