Critical Illness

Posted on 25th February 2010 by Trevor in Blog

What would happen if you suffered a serious illness? What level of cover do you have and is it enough?

If you have to rush your injured child to the emergency room, following some sort of accident, you don’t ask questions about what the sutures or the bandages cost. In fact, you probably don’t think much at all about the cost of the care that is being delivered, your only concern is that it works.

That’s most people’s response when they receive a diagnosis of cancer too. Few of us are going to stop to quiz the oncologist about the cost effectiveness of the treatment that gets proposed-our only concern is to get the treatment that gives us the best chance at survival.

And yet when you do survive, as more and more cancer patients are doing, the bill will come due. And that’s when you would wish you have had more candid conversations early on about prices and options.

Millions of people throughout the world suffer heart attacks, strokes, or contract cancer. Most of us know of someone from our circle of friends of families who have suffered from some form of serious illness. When we are ill, the last thing we want to think is our finances. However, failure to have a plan in place, could end up being your biggest setback down the road.

If something terrible happened to your child and you didn’t have insurance, wouldn’t you probably mortgage your house to make sure they were cared for?

Critical illness cover is a relatively recent addition to the life insurance industry. This benefit pays a lump sum to clients if they are diagnosed with a covered illness. It gives them leeway to relax about their finances and focus on getting better.

The Life Plan is a flexible regular premium insurance policy that offer a cover benefit for the whole of your life and will pay a lump sum if you are diagnosed with terminal illness or on death. It also allows clients to choose the right amount of critical illness cover that meets their financial circumstances. The minimum level of Critical illness cover starts at USD 45,000 and goes up to a maximum of  USD 750,000.

  • Premiums depend on your age at the time of the contract, amount of cover, whether you are a Smoker or not, your Health condition and whether additional benefits are selected.
  • Payments can be made in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis
  • Other Benefits: Term life cover, Accidental death benefit, Term critical illness cover, Waiver of premium (if you are unable to work)
  • Extra benefits (no cost): Airplane cover, Children’s critical illness cover, Guaranteed insurability cover, Repatriation benefit, Temporary accidental death benefit (cover while the company processes your application)

Without further delay you can have peace of mind that your loved ones will not be left financially vulnerable.

If you would like to receive the literature of Life Plan, please contact us. Free quotations are also available on request.  Call on 03 5724 5100 or email.

How likely is it? 

While an average 40 years old has only 1 in 5 chance to suffer a critical illness in the next 20 years, for a 50 years old this chance is already 1 to 2.5. Notice that only the most frequent critical illnesses are considered here.

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