DEBT in the USA . . .

Posted on 27th April 2012 by Trevor in Blog


The USA adds $3.8 bil­lion of debt to this fig­ure each and every day. This is adding $158 mil­lion to this fig­ure each and every hour. The inter­est on the Nation­al Debt reached an all-time high of $454 bil­lion in 2011 with an effec­tive inter­est rate of about 3%. Much of this inter­est is paid to for­eign gov­ern­ments like China, Japan and OPEC nations. This is $1.2 bil­lion per day of inter­est paid most­ly to for­eign­ers. With just the slight­est bit of crit­i­cal think­ing one could eas­i­ly per­ceive that with a Nation­al Debt of $25 tril­lion and a like­ly increase in inter­est rates to at least 6%, our annu­al inter­est costs would increase to $1.5 tril­lion per year. The Unit­ed States need­ed to imple­ment a long-term plan ten years ago to address the impos­si­ble to ful­fill promis­es made by its cor­rupt, men­tal­ly bank­rupt politi­cians.

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