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Posted on 19th March 2012 by Trevor in Blog

In the next decade alone, 29 countries (EU-17, US, China, Canada, Japan, UK, Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, S. Korea, Turkey and Poland) will between them see $36.8 TRILLION in debt maturities and, in a world without fear, the rates at which they will need to refinance their bor­rowings will be markedly higher – too high, in fact, for many of them to be able to cope with. At that point in time, no amount of Quantitative Easing will be enough to fix the problems facing the world’s central banks because once the fear of collapse turns to fear of the sovereign bond markets, the game is over.


EU-17       $8.386 Trillion




USA        $10.247 Trillion




China      $1.095 Trillion    


 Japan   $11.699 Trillion




 UK         $1.833 Trillion




Korea         $367 Billion




Turkey       $282 Billion




India        $623 Billion

Mexico $497 Billion

Australia $204 Billion

Poland $282 Billion



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