The Cost of Delay

Posted on 23rd February 2010 by Trevor in Blog

If you’re 40 and you want to retire at 60 you’ve got just 240 pay days…what if you’re 50? Do the math. Oh, and did we forget to mention inflation? Scary stuff isn’t it! Nonetheless, don’t give yourself sleepless nights as by saving and investing regular amounts, however small, you can make a difference and avoid financial disaster. For those of you already retired, by carefully investing a lump sum you can maximize your income potential. There are so many more retirement savings options available to you as an expat that give you tax benefits, financial benefits and flexibility benefits.

Put very simply you need to save less the earlier you start, as you get older you need to save more of your income. So if you are 25 great, save at least 10% of your income and you will be fine later in life. If you are 40, and have not yet started saving you need to put away at least 20%.

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