Tips to Maximize Your Retirement Savings

Posted on 27th October 2014 by Trevor in Blog

  1. Saving Early. By beginning your retirement saving at an early age, you allow more time for your money to grow. As gains each year build on the prior year’s, it’s important to understand the power of compounding and take advantage of the opportunity to help your money grow.
  2. Set realistic goals. Review your current situation and establish retirement expenses based on your needs.
  3. Focus on Asset Allocation. Build a portfolio with proper allocation of stocks and bonds, as it will have a huge impact on long-term goals.
  4. For the best long-term growth, choose stocks. Over long periods, stocks have the best chance of attracting high returns.
  5. Don’t overweight a portfolio with bonds. Even in retirement, do not move heavy into bonds. Many retirees tend to make this move for the income, however, in the long-term, inflation can eliminate the purchasing power of bond’s interest payments.

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